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 If you are here, you most likely are either pregnant with, or the parent of, MULTIPLES! I started this blog while pregnant with my own special bundles of joy!I am currently expecting identical twin boys. Pregnancy is already filled with so many questions and concerns as it is, but those get compounded when you find yout your expecting more than one baby. During my quest for knowledge about my wee ones, I realized how little there is out there dedicated twins (and even less for triplets and quads). After asking so may questions and the answers being so  hard to find. I wanted to start a website that is not only a journal of my experiences from pregnancy into motherhood, but hopefully a place where other mothers like me, can find the answers they seek.

Not a parent of multiples? Thats ok. Although a big part of the focus of this website is going to be for parents of multiples, that can take on so many forms. Traditionally that is referring to twins, triplets, and quads, but thad does not have to  the only definition. But the way I see it, anyone with two or more children, especially ones close in age, are considered multiples.. (the definition of multiple is more than one right?) I have a featured blogger that will write about her experiences as a single mother raising 3 kids.  Only have one baby? Thats ok too! ALL MOMS ARE WELCOME!

Not a Mom but a Dad? Your just as welcome. Now days more and more men are taking on the role of staying home with the kids or even the role of single parents. They will have just as many questions and experiences to share than any mom. In fact, my husband is going to be the one staying home with the kids, and will be writing his very own series about the experiences he has with the boys.

So I want to thank you for stopping by, and welcome your comments, questions, and advise to other parents. Dont be afraid to comment!

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