Coming Soon!!


The journals come to life! Follow me as I navigate through my daily life raising twin boys! A live version of the website, my Vlog channel will feature journals, review, refreshing recipes, & more!

On The Go? No need to miss out on any content! I will be starting a podcast so never have to miss a single post, whether your driving or washing dishes!

I will be creating a social community  just for Moms (and Dads of course)! This is a place where you can come and share you stories, questions, tips and advice for other moms just like you! When signing up you get your own page you can personalize with your favorite cover, add pictures, videos, blog postings, start your own forum, connect, message, like.... the sky is the limit! . Do you have your own blog? Feel free to customize your profile with your blog header and get your blog in front of  hundreds of new readers (as long as it is constructive and relevant... no spam allowed of course!)

Also, by signing up you will get access to exlusive content and extra special giveaways! There is a very low fee to join this community, $5 per month for unlimited access. HOWEVER, THE FIRST 300 MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE THEIR MEMBERSHIP FOR FREE! You will also be grandfathered in at the free pricing so you will never be asked to pay a fee for membership. There are limited fee spots available so reserve your spot today!


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