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I have been working on a new content calendar, one that will allow me to post new content every day. I was stuck on what to do for Thursday, that is until I came across MamaKatsLosinit.com. This website is a great place for bloggers and YouTube creators to come and get ideas for posts and videos. Every week she posts a link up. How it works is, she will post possible topics to write about, and on Thursday you can link your post on her site. This is a big trend with blogs because it helps people grow their communities and get to know one another better, while supporting each other. I have never joined a link up or “Linky” before but I am very excited to start, and her post choices are great, and in line with what this blog is all about. So with that being said, let’s get into this week’s post!

Look into your archives. What were you blogging about a year ago around this time? Are you still dealing with the same thing? Your thoughts?

Looking through my archives, one post really stands out. It was one of the first posts in the “Life With My SuperBabies series. When I read this post, it really took me back. In it, I was talking about the boys growth issues. I wrote this post right after we went to the Doctor’s and found out the boys were not gaining weight. In this post I felt failure as a mother, fear for my boys, and also hope and determination that I would do everything I could to help them gain weight. I had no idea then what a battle getting them to gain weight would be. I homemade all of their food, and was given a pretty open diet by their Doctor. I tried and tried but for whatever reason, they just were not gaining very much. Since last year, they really have only gained about 7 or 8 pounds, but they are still thriving. They are just small little dudes, but healthy. The last time the saw Kristina (their old Doctor) she was so happy with their growth. When they went and saw their new Doctor for the first time, she had no issues with their weight, and we recently started WIC again, and the nutritionist there says they look healthy and showed me their growth chart. They are still about 5 pounds under-weight, but they are closing the gap. This is an age where most children start to slow their weight gain, whereas my boys are still gaining. They will probably continue to be smaller little dudes, but what I have learned over the last year is that it is more important that they are healthy and that they are thriving.

For any other moms that are going through what we have, the biggest tip I have for you to help your babies gain weight would be to enjoy meal time and make it fun for your kids. I probably spend at least an hour and a half with the boys for dinner. I usually bring them into the kitchen with me when I start making their food I give them snacks while their food cooks. Usually it’s something like Kixs, wheat bread, or cheese. The idea is to give them something they can feed themselves. Then we move on to whatever they are having for dinner. Then after that we take a small eating break and move on to something for desert like applesauce or baby cereal mixed with milk and a splash of chocolate milk.

I know not every family will be able to spend this much time on dinner, but we do it this way because I work outside of the home and the longer meal time gives me a chance to spend fun time with the boys. It’s not all eating, we stop and play and sing songs. I get to interact with them and it’s really good for bonding. On my work days, I do not get home until right before dinner time, so its really the first time we have spend together, and I like to savor it, plus they eat a ton which is the end goal right?

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