They Are Not Just Books, They are Memories

In one of my most recent post we talked about the best way for me to start my day, nursing my little dudes. I love our mornings so much. But I think I just might love saying goodnight almost just as much. We are starting some new routines on my house when it comes to bedtime. We are trying to get them (and Momma) on a more consistent schedule. I was worried that it would not work and I would have babies up and screaming in my face until 2 am, but so far they seem to be able to fall asleep rather quickly. What we have been doing is nothing crazy, we do bath time, then play for a bit, then we move into story time, nurse a little then its off to bed for the baby dudes.

I have been watching them get more and more into our story time. Bruce is not as much into it as Oliver is, at least right now, but he used to either run around his room or cry in his bed during the whole story, but now he is at least sitting there quietly. Oliver is showing more active engagement. The twins are only 20 months old, so they do not have the longest attention spans, but I think I can hold their attention for the perfect amount of time for their age. If I read a really basic book like The ABCs book, that is too short, but Apostles Fairy Tales is way to long. Something like Dr. Sues is perfect.

I love to read and write and I really want to instill those passions in my children, and I think it starts now, while they are little. Get them excited to hear you read them a story and when it comes time for them to read themselves, they will be more excited as well. It is tempting to find a story online and read from my cell phone because we would have a larger collection of stories to pick from, but I really want them to learn to enjoy the act of actually READING A BOOK. Technology is so ingrained in world now that we need to take some moments to sit back and enjoy life OFFLINE. I want to teach my kids to enjoy not just the story, but to enjoy the experience. I love a children's book with a lot of really well done and artistic illustrations. I remember a book my Mom gave me when I was a child. It was filled with fairy tales and the illustrations were not like the cartoon drawing you see in many children's books. These were a work of art. I loved that book and I kept it with me up until I was 23. I would read it to my nieces when they were young. They called it the "Blue Book". When they moved back to Nevada I decided to give it to them. I loved that they enjoyed the book and that every time the read a story from the book they would think of me and the times we spent together reading those stories.

I cherish those memories, and I want to give my own children those same moments. I want them to grow up thinking about the happy childhood they had and knowing that their mom and dad did everything they could to give that to them. I want them to grow up looking forward to being tucked in and having Momma read them a story. I want them to see a book when they are older and have a warm feeling when they remember how much they loved it. I want them to have children of their own and I want them to work hard to teach their children to love reading and books and to look forward to being tucked into bed and having Mom and Dad read them a story.

Ok, so you may think I am getting a head of myself, my twins just went from 20 months to 35 years old, but that's what we do as moms. We look at our choices and we think about how that will effect our children in their futures. This small thing I am doing with them now does not only give me loving and happy memories for my children, but it is also going to set them on the right path towards becoming well educated members of society as they get older.

Right now our book selection is lite, but Amazon is a really great place to go to beef up your home library. You can get really good books for a just a few dollars a piece! I am going to start a new monthly series where I share my top 3 - 5 favorite children's books for the month. I am always looking for recommendations so leave your favorites in the comment section below!

Happy reading Mommas!
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