It's Not Always Easy...

So I had fun turning the 20 Questions Mommy Tag from YouTube into a blogging tag in yesterdays post so I thought I would try it again with the "Hardest Thing About Being A Mom" tag. This one is significantly shorter but as you will find, the answers are a lot more revealing... 

1. What surprised you most about motherhood?
How much I see both my husband and I in them. I'm not talking about just their physical appearance (they look exactly like my Husband) but how much of our personalities and our mannerisms we can see in them. I also did not expect them to be so perceptive. If my husband and I are happy, they know it. If one of is is sad or mad, it does not matter how hard we try to hide it, the little dudes will know!!

2. What do you love most about being a mom?
Is everything a good answer? I really don't know how to answer a question like this. I love each of my twins so much and I love being their mom. In love their sweetness and their adventurous. I love their smiles and their cries (they are both so cute when they cry). I love when they learn something new, and when they show their stubborn streaks. I love every day with them. Its not always easy and some days are really hard, but it is so so so worth it.

3. What, if anything, would you change?
I would change their struggles. They are growing rapidly, but we have had issues with weight gain in the past. Now we are seeing a speech delay. These are pretty typical problems for twins to experience but if I had a choice they wouldn't have to go through it at all. 

4. How are you different as a parent then your own mother was?
I am married. My mother was a single mother and she did a lot for us growing up, but its completely different raising a family as a single mother and raising a family with your spouse. My father was (and is) a big part of my life and the co-parented well, but my Husband and I are one family unit with the boys. That has it's unique ups and downs that are very different from the ups and downs my mom experienced.

5. What has been the most difficult part of motherhood for you?
Being a working mom. I wish I had more time in the day to spend with them. I would love nothing more than to work from home. I enjoy being able to provide for my family, but 50 hours a week is spent away from them. It breaks my heart so much. 

6. What words of wisdom do you have for other moms?
Don't take the time you have for granted. Enjoy your kids. Be thankful for what you have. In my job I hear really sad stories about sick babies and stillbirths, babies that are born only to pass away. Those moms are going through hell and would give anything to be with their baby. There are women that will give anything to get pregnant and can't. We are so incredibility lucky! This is called the hardest thing about being a mom tag, but it doesn't really matter. All that matters is that I am blessed and I have a good job, a home, a loving husband and the most amazing kids! Everything else, any complaints I have are all so trivial. That is my advice to other moms. To forget the trivial crap and be happy and amazed with what you do have.

Thanks so much for reading this tag! I would love to see your answers in the comments! 
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If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times... I LOVE MY LIFE. I have a great husband and the best little baby dudes in the world! I have found that raising twins is not so different than a singleton, just a little bit louder (and a lot more fun!). I look forward to going through this journey together... SUPER MOMS UNITE!


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