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Well my friends, it is time to start the 15 day blogging challenge again!

In my last post I said it was time to get back to basics and focus on consistent blogging. Over the past year I have focused more on getting started with video, and blogging has been put on the back burner. I still really want to incorporate video but not until I get back on track here.


I tried this back in 2014 and it was an utter failure. I have decided it is time to take another shot at it, and I encourage you all to join me!

It is pretty simple.  The idea behind the challenge is to get in the habit of blogging consistently, simplifying my workflow, and and of course, creating great content... All in only 15 minutes.
See, one cause of my lack of focus and attention to this blog is time. I am one busy Momma!
But it really does not take that much time to create a blog post. With the right tools its pretty easy to create a post in 15 minutes.

What I do is set a timer and write for 10 minutes. Then with the last 5, I create my title image, format, and post!

To this I mostly use my smartphone and some awesome apps. I use blogger to host my blog, so I use the Blogger app to write my post. Then I hop on my computer to create my title image. For that I use Canva.com. It has prebuilt and customizable blig title images. Most of the photos you have to pay for, but you can replace them with free stock photos from Pixabay.com. Sadly Canva does not have an android app and the site does not yet work on mobile devices, but it does work on tablets and has a iPhone app.

If you are a blogger and are interested in joining me with the 15 day blogging challenge you can sign up here. By signing up your blog will be placed on a list and emailed out to everyone else that has signed up, as well as posted here on my blog and sent out to all my friends on social media. I want us all to be able to support each other so I encourage everyone to go to at least one other blog on the list each day and leave a comment.

I will be starting my challenge tomorrow.. So wish me luck and I hope to see more great bloggers join the challenge!

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