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Hey there Moms and Dads! I thought that for day 3 of the 15 day blogging challenge I would do something a little fun and and answer 20 questions about my life as a Mom!! This is typically a YouTube tag, but hey! Bloggers can TOTALLY do youtube tags! I hope you enjoy this fun little tag! 

1.    Are you a SAHM or working mom?
I am a working mom. I currently work for a mother-baby program for a healthcare company.

2.    Would you have it any other way?
YES! And no... In an ideal world I would stay at home all the time but with my job they cover the healthcare for my entire family. My goal would be to work from home.

3.    Did you co-sleep? 
Yes, I did co-sleep with the boys for the first 3 months.

4.    One must have gear for baby? 
A swing!! The swing has so amazing. The boys are 20 months old and they still love their swings and it gives us a safe place to have then go when we need to do something.

5.    How many kids do you plan on having?
I think we might have one more, but I want to wait a few more years before we start trying.

6.    Date night? How many nights (or days) per month?
We NEED A DATE NIGHT... but righ now we don't have a way to get out for a date night. We do try to spend one on one time in the evening before I go to bed and I tend to stay up really late on Saturday nights to make up on our time.

7.    Your child’s favorite show?
Looney Toons. They love Tweety Bird and Porkey The Pig.

8.    Name one thing you bought before you had your baby and you never ended up using?
The baby monitor. We used it a little bit but we live in a small apartment and it wasn't really needed.

9.    Your child’s fave food?
Bananas and Blueberries.

10.  How many cars does your family have?
We only have one car.

11.  Weight gain before pregnancy, during and after, and now? 
I was 190 when I got pregnant, I was 301 the day I delivered, and I am currently at 203 pounds.

12.  Dream vacation with your kiddos?

13.  Dream vacation without the kiddos? 
Italy or to go to one of those adult only Sandals vacations in the Bahamas.

14.  How has your life changed since your baby has been born?
More than my life, I have changed. I feel like I am such a different person, in a good way. My biggest priority in life is giving the boys a great life.

15.  Finish the sentence: “It makes my heart melt to see…”
The bond between my twins. When I see them laugh at each other or cuddle or hold hands my heart completely melts.

16.  Where do you shop for your kids?
Amazon, Amazon, and oh yeah! Amazon!! We buy everything on Amazon....

17.  Fave mommy make-up and skin care products?
Elf BB cream is an awesome all in one product to moisturize, conceal, and give a great base. Plus it's only $6!

For skincare I have to say the Neutragina Pink Grapefruit face wash. I was starting to break out really bad a few months back and this face wash cleared it right up and keeps the breakouts at bay. Plus it smells amazing!!

18.  Huggies diaper jeans: yay or nay?
Yay! I have never tried those but Huggies are awesome and diapers that look like jeans, how adorable!

19.  Have you always wanted kids? 
In my selfish early 20s I thought no, but then I met my Husband and I realized that not only do I want them, I was absolutely meant to be a Mom.

20.  Best part about being a mom?
My Kids! They are the very best thing about Motherhood. There is not one specific answer to this question for me. I am totally in love with everything about my babies. Every day the change and grow into these tiny little people with so much personality. It is like nothing else!

I hope yoy enjoyed this tag. I now tag all of you. Do this on your blogs, on youtube, periscope, facebook... Wherever your social! If there are other tags you would like to see, let me know in the comments. Also, I would love it if you would answer one question of your own in the comments!! Have a great day! 
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