Not Quite Shedding The Baby Weight

Okay, So I am absolutely terrible! I got on the scale last night and not only have I not lost any weight, I GAINED A POUND!! Granted, I am really bloated, and for most of the month it looked like I had lost about 1.5-2 pounds, I am not going to freak out to much about the extra pound. What I will freak out about is the lack of results overall. I was so motivated when I made my last post but I have seriously failed! Here is the part where I start making all the usual excuses….


I am not going to do that. I know why I didn’t work out. It was partly because I was just so busy with my new job, a longer commute, and my lovely babies (excuses, excuses) and partly because I just was not being held accountable. My husband would say something, but it’s hard to listen to him. Even though I know he is just trying to be encouraging and helpful, I always look at it like he is judging. I know that’s totally crazy, and maybe that’s just another reason for me to avoid working out. All I know for sure is that I do need to be more accountable. My husband and I talked about what to do to make sure that I do go for a walk/jog at least 3-5 times a week. I only walk for about 30 minutes, but it seems like by the time I get home, take care of the kids and dinner, and the house, its already 8:30 and getting dark. What I have started doing the last couple days is sticking just to my street and apartment complex. I go on a nice little loop. It could get boring but I found a new app that I really love.

I am going to do a full review on the RUNTASTIC App next check in, but so far I really like it. It works on GPS so you can see a map of where you have gone and you can select different workouts. It breaks it down every 5 minutes and tells you how long you have been walking, your average speed, and how far you have gone. It also tracks the average calories burned and allows you to share your success with your friends on Facebook and twitter! I was planning on following a program to take me from a beginner to running a 5K but for whatever reason I cannot get the darn S-Health app (through my phone) to save my manual running logs. I will probably try this again but I think I need to either buy something to take the phone with me on my arm or one of those super fancy watches that can synch the data.

So what is the plan??

I know that I need to be more accountable for working out. I think that if you do not have a solid support system behind you and people driving you to stick with it, it’s just too easy to get busy and loose that motivation. I will be not only using the twitter function of the Runtastic app to share my progress but I am starting a new SoundCloud account to document my progress every week!
I will be posting these “episodes” every Saturday so make sure to follow on SoundCloud & Twitter!!

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