A Year With My SuperBabies!

Thank you for stopping by to listen to this week's Audio Journal. I cannot believe my little dudes are really turning One this week! I seriously feel like the worlds luckiest Momma! I hope you enjoy this weeks recording. I was going to delete last week's journal because the audio was just so bad, but I really could not delete the actual post about my kids. Its a nice update on the boys health, so if you can bear with the low audio quality I would love if you gave it a listen. I will post the link to the journal for you. This week is not 100% perfect, but we are getting there....

As always, I love and welcome all your comments!!

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Last Week's Journal:
Update On My SuperBabies (Audio)

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If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times... I LOVE MY LIFE. I have a great husband and the best little baby dudes in the world! I have found that raising twins is not so different than a singleton, just a little bit louder (and a lot more fun!). I look forward to going through this journey together... SUPER MOMS UNITE!


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