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UPDATE: 7/2/15

Wow, life has been so hectic latley. Between the twins, marriage, work AND school, there has been little time left to sleep, let alone blog. I know I have said this time and time again, but I am working hard on updating this blog. I am still working on the getting my YouTube channel up and running. The goal is to have the first video uploaded on the 1st Tuesday of August, so stay tuned. I will finalize a brand new content calender for you and post it next week! Thank you so much to all my loyal Mommas! Your support is amazing! 

(Original post published 6/8/15) 

The day I have been waiting so long for has finally arrived.... We are launching my YouTube Vlog channel!!!!!! 

I have been trying and planning for this channel since the day I started this blog, but we have just been holding off, waiting for the "right time". I realized that what was holding me back was really just fear and nervousness. I love writing for all of you, and I really loved recording my "audio journals" but I. not in front of a camera for that. But, I just have to learn to get past my fears and JUST DO IT! One day I will have to teach one of my twins this every same message about conquering ones fears and about having confidence. I must practice what I will someday preach....

So, my wonderful husband has been working like crazy getting things set up for me to film. On my end I have been getting all the editing programs together and creating a really cool intro for you all to enjoy. The plan is to film in the next day or two and have an awesome video to upload very soon!

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If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times... I LOVE MY LIFE. I have a great husband and the best little baby dudes in the world! I have found that raising twins is not so different than a singleton, just a little bit louder (and a lot more fun!). I look forward to going through this journey together... SUPER MOMS UNITE!


  1. Thank you!! We had a slight hickup on the technical side of things but as of right now we are looking like its full steam ahead! Im thinking August 6th is the new launch date!!!


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