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Today marks another 15 days of blogging with my 15 Day Blogging Challenge. Last month I was not able to last the full 15 days, so I am trying again! Today starts with a Journal, but different type t I was nominated for a blogging award, and in order to accept the award, I need to answer a few questions to help you all get to know me better. 

Thank you so much to Sonali with Golden Rim who nominated me for this award! This award is meant for bloggers to recognize other bloggers for their message and for their hard work. It means so much to me that she would nominate me for this. I think this award is so special. It is a way to recognize fellow bloggers for all the hard work they put into blogging. I know Sonali has been a great supporter of mine since we were connected a couple months ago. The idea behind this blog is to support and help promote up and coming bloggers. I feel so honored, I can't even describe the feeling! I wanted to kick of another attempt to my 15 day blogging challenge with this post. Its a great way to learn a little more about me, and also to get connected to some great up and coming blogs! So please stop by Solali's awesome blog, and at the end of this post you will find links to my nominees.

And with that, lets dig in... 

What are 10 random facts about you?

1) My husband and I only went on one date, and have been together ever since.

2) There are multiple sets of twins on both sides of my family, but our boys are the first IDENTICAL twins. There is no genetic link found in having twins...

3) I had an opportunity to study film production in Paris.

4) My husband and I lost a baby 2 months before getting pregnant with our twins.

5) I have met Charles Barkley, Sammy Hagar, Reba McEntire, and Steven King.

6) I worked as the assistant to a film producer for 6 months

7) I am completely addicted to General Hospital.... COMPLETELY ADDICTED!

8) I have seen every episode of Sex And The City so many times that if you show me a short clip I can tell you exactly what episode it is, what season its from, and what happens before & after...

9) I am writing a novel that I have been working on for over 10 years.

10) I saw a psychic when I was 19 that described the man I was going to marry. The man she described is exactly like my husband in every way.

Where does your blogging inspiration come from?

My children. I love writing, and it has always been a passion of mine, but my kids are my inspiration for everything. I hope that one day I can turn this blog into a business and I wont have to leave them every day. It is so hard to work outside the home, and I miss out on so many great opportunities with them every day.

Is your blogging simply a hobby? What kind of dreams do you have for it?

At the moment it's a hobby, however, I do want to turn this into a business. I have plans for a podcast, YouTube channel, app, social community, and other mom & baby products. Still working it all out, but I do have big plans baby!

What is your support system like and who are your biggest supporters?

My husband is very supportive of my blogging. He sees my vision with me. I have to say, other than him, my biggest supporters are the other bloggers I have come across. It is such a great feeling when a fellow blogger gives you encouragement to keep going.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I love the community and that I have the ability to share my experiences with other women and moms going through the same things I am.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed with too many tasks at once?

I get really frazzled, then I try to figure out what is of the highest priority and focus on that first.

What would you do with a large sum of money given to you?

How large??? I would pay off old debts, buy a home for my family and a more reliable car. Then I would start my business. Give some to a charity, and invest the rest into my children's future.

What was one of the most moving books or movies you have ever read or seen?

Stolen Lives: Twenty Years In A Desert Jail by Malika Oufkir. It is an autobiography about a Moroccan Princess who was imprisoned in terrible conditions with her entire family for over 20 years. The courage of this family is incredible. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone. It will change your life forever.

Where would you like to see yourself in the next couple of years?

I would like to be a full time blogger and podcaster with my own media company. My husband is writing a screenplay and the plan is for me to produce his films with him as the writer and director.

Do you have a bucket list? Name 5 things on that.

I do not have a bucket list, but I think I should. Everyone should have a bucket list.... I see a new post in my future.

What is your single best piece of advice for someone starting out in the blogging world?

Figure out your voice. Design and marketing are important, but your voice is what will keep people coming back.

And now my nominations for best  upcoming blogs are:
Moms Messy Miracles, Worry Free C-Section, and this last one is really a beauty Vlog, but I absolutely love what she is doing... Katie Bambrick Beauty . 

Attention Nominees: Here are the instructions as they were given to me:

"Nominees it is your turn to answer the questions and award some blogs if you are willing. Answer the above questions in your own blog post and then nominate some of your favorite blogs that have fewer than 200 followers (it can be whatever kind of followers you like - I used G+ followers & Twitter). You can either make up a new list of questions for your nominees or just use the ones I have used. Leave a comment on your nominee's blog so that they know that they were nominated! Include a link back to your post so that they know what to do. Participating in awards like this is a great way to build your community in the blog atmosphere and connect with other bloggers."
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