Lets End Mommy Shaming Forever

So today is day two of my blogging challenge. I think I just have to rant about something that has been bothering me for a while. It seems like every time I log in to one of my social media accounts I am met with some sort of negative posts about random people. They have titles like "world worst moms" and descriptions that you would make you seriously believe these women are murderers or something.

Then you click into it, and it's just another slideshow of you g moms doing making poor decisions in front of this children. Most were taking slutty selfies or in a few sad cases there was drug paraphernalia around.

I am sorry, but yes, those images are wrong. You will not see me defending the actions of these moms. However, it is time we stop shaming these women, humiliating them and their families, and stop getting so much enjoyment out of their bad decisions. I even saw one of these "articles" that did not even seem to have anything to do with Moms at all, yet it had a title that would make you want to click I. To learn more about these terrible parents. That is disgusting to me. Those websites all have ads on the page which means they are trying to profit off the very people they are shaming. these articles, not to comment on them. We can choose to share stories of Moms and Dads who deserve praise. And we can teach our children to be better than we are. We all have faults. We all make mistakes. But let's be there to pick each other up not enjoy the downfall.

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