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Welcome to my 15 day blogging challenge day 4..

OK, so I have been running my most recent giveaway for almost two months now, and I have ZERO entries! This makes me really sad. I cant blame any of you though, why would you enter a giveaway when you don't even know what you are getting! I have seriously dropped the ball here guys. I am so sorry!

So, just to give you an update. The "Momma's Favorites" Giveaway is a box full of products that are perfect for a new or expecting mom. And when I say new, I should clarify that every one of these products I use daily, and my boys are 8 months old. Enter today either for yourself, or for another mom you know! It makes an awesome baby shower gift for an expecting mom (and even if there is no baby shower, any mom/pregnant mom could use free stuff!)

So the box will contain the following 4 items (plus a few extra surprises!)

  • Diapers ♥ I am sending a package of my favorite diapers, Parents Choice Diapers. I love these diapers, they are absolutely my #1. Read my full review on these amazing diapers here  

  • Coconut Oil ♥ I love, love, LOVE the special magical powers of coconut oil!! I use this a diaper cream. It works better than any cream I have tried. It pretty much clears up my boys red butts with one to two uses and it is all natural! Full review coming soon.

  • Pampers Sensitive Wipes ♥ I cannot say enough wonderful things about these wipes. I have tried so many different types of wipes. I have tried other brands as well as scents. These really are my absolute, hands down, FAVORITE WIPES. Full review coming soon....

  • Lastly, Mother's Milk Tea. I drink this tea religiously. In fact, I am drinking this tea as we speak (or as I type, I guess I should say). I will have to write a full post on this tea soon, but I love it so so so much. I have a great recipe idea for how to flavor up the tea, and will have more coming soon. I really contribute my being able to breastfeed twins at least in part to this tea.

So there you have the main items that will be in this quarter's giveaway box. Remember there are some fun bonus items...

I swear by all of the products included here. I am purchasing every item myself and have received NO compensation for running this giveaway. I simply want to share some of my favorite products with all of you.

                     Enter Today!

         Giveaway Ends On May 31st!!!! 

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