Breakfast Of Lactation Champions

OK, so welcome to day 6 of my 15 day blogging challenge, as well as part Two of my new mini series on breastfeeding.

In my last post I wrote about how hard it can be to continue to nurse, especially when you have two babies to produce milk for. It really is a lot of hard (but rewarding) work. Today I want to talk a little about some of the things I do on a daily basis to promote lactation. Below you will find my daily breakfast of lactation champions!

So what you see is a bowl of oatmeal, banana, and of course, my Mother's Milk Tea. So why do I eat this every single day? Because I do what I can to keep up my supply. I cannot say for certain that this breakfast keeps my making milk, but there are much smarter people than me that say that these foods do work. I think what it comes from is that lactation depends on a happy & healthy momma.

So, lets break down these breakfast items one by one.

Oatmeal: This is the staple of my breakfast. I can say that I have at times gotten a little tired of having the same thing every day, and have taken breaks from eating my oatmeal. Whenever I do, I start to see a decline in the amount that I produce. When I go back to it, I do see more milk coming out when I pump.... For that reason, I am sold.

Banana: OK, so Bananas are not typical noted as something that will help with lactation. I do, however, try to eat a banana every day. I see a difference in the days I don't eat a banana (or some type of fruit). I think this is not so much because Bananas have some sort of secret ingredient that makes extra milk, but more because a healthy mom produces more milk. Plain & Simple.

Tea: This is my holy grail product! I drink this tea every single day. I did get kind of  tired of it and for the last month I stopped drinking my tea. Then I was wondering why I was making so much less milk every day.... I have been drinking it again this week, and I am starting to see a difference.

I know that it can seem a little monotonous, always eating the same thing day in an day out. So have fun with it! I love oatmeal because you can do so much to switch up the flavor. Right now I am adding cranberries, nuts, and brown sugar... but you can add whatever you want! I have even thrown in a bit of hot chocolate powder and had chocolate oatmeal!

Enjoy Your Breakfast & Make Some Milk! 

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