60 Pounds Of Water Weight!?!?!?


Welcome to day three of my 15 day blogging challenge! Today I wanted to go back and talk a little about my pregnancy. I started this blog while I was pregnant, but between working full time, trying to go to school full time, and carry TWO babies, it was hard to document everything I was going through. I started this blog because I wanted to be a helpful resource to both current and expecting moms of multiples. I think that simply knowing what someone else has gone through can help so much. I know that for me, knowing I wasn't alone was invaluable during my pregnancy. Every pregnancy has its risks, but when you add more babies, the potential risks are added as well. I was always so worried about everything that could go wrong, but in reality, I had a pretty easy going pregnancy.

The biggest concern we had during my pregnancy was my weight gain. We could not explain it, but I was gaining a lot of weight, very quickly. My doctor was concerned with all the added complications of such a weight gain, but all the tests we ran ended up coming back fine. I had to gestational diabetes, no pre-eclampsia (until the very end), and my babies were growing perfectly. She had me see a dietitian, who said my diet was great. Like most pregnant women, I had my days where cravings took over and I pigged out on crap, but for the most part we tried to keep my diet pretty healthy. So where did my 110 pound weight gain come from???

The answer is easy.. water weight. Seriously. I was absolutely huge. The bulk of that weight was actually just edema. I was so swollen. My feet stopped fitting into my shoes, my legs were permanently stuck together, my gums were even so swollen they would start bleeding for no reason. By the end of my pregnancy, it was so hard to walk around, I did all my shopping in those motorized shopping carts and I could barley fit in the cart.

I have to say, the extra weight was one of the hardest parts of my pregnancy. It was so uncomfortable, and quite frankly, HEAVY.

Here is a breakdown of my weight:

Pre-Pregnancy - 190

Delivery Day - 301

After Delivery - 275

It took three weeks after I came home from the hospital to loose all the water weight. When all that extra weight came off, I was 216 pounds. I literally had 59 pounds of water weight! I did everything I could to avoid it, but there was really nothing I could do to stop it. For any other women that may be going through this same issue, all I can say is to listen to your body and your doctors. You will get through it. As hard as it was, in the end, I had my babies. Those beautiful smiling faces make it all worth it.
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