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Hello to all my soon-to-be Mommas!! 

So the last time I posted any sort of pregnancy tip I was still pregnant with my twins, so I obviously knew what it was like to carry multiple babies. It is important to me that this website not only be a resource for mothers but also for anyone who is carrying a baby whether it be a singleton or a twin pregnancy. I had hoped to have more pregnancy related posts while I was still going through my pregnancy. The pregnancy had other plans. Between work, school, and growing two people, I simply did not have the time. What little extra time In the day I had was spent napping (see my last pregnancy tip here). I may not be pregnant anymore, but certainly learned a thing or two I can pass on.
So what I plan to do is alternate every Tuesday the kinds of tips I am posting. Last week I posted a Tip Tuesday all about how to help working moms get out the door a little faster. This week I wanted to really think about my pregnancy in one of the things that I wish I had done a little bit more up that could have helped me a lot, which is to take notes on everything that I was learning. This is especially helpful at doctors appointments.

Most people are really only able to retain a small percentage the information that they take in on a day-to-day basis. Add "pregnancy brain" and that amount goes significantly down. I can't tell you how many times I would go in to the appointment with dozens of questions only to forget them all. If I could not even remember what questions I had for the doctor, how was I supposed to retain any of the information she then had for me? I think any pregnancy has that issue, but with a twin pregnancy, there is just so much information. Basically, any of the risks associated with a singleton pregnancy are increased in a twin pregnancy. That is not to say that you need to worry about every little thing that could possibly happen, but you do want to be informed of all the changes your body is going through. For me, I was going to the doctor twice a month from 11 weeks on, and I had multiple doctors. We were watching for growth, amniotic fluid levels, weight gain (for me) and what seemed like dozens of other things. Keeping track of it all was difficult. I wish I had taken better notes.
When it comes down to it, knowledge is power. The reason your Doctors want to give you so much information is so you can be prepared. For example, my boys did not end up with a bad case of twin to twin transfusion. That did not stop them from checking me every two weeks to make sure it did not develop.

So what are the best ways to keep track of all this? Well, that is a personal preference. I am always fond of a good ol' notebook. After we started taking parenting prep courses and birthing classes, we were given amazing books and handouts. I bought a binder with dividers and started putting all my information in there. I had a section for birthing, breastfeeding, and parenting. I wish I had thought of that earlier on, I could have put in all the growth charts and notes from my doctors as well.

Another option is to use your smartphone or tablet. I know for me, my iPad has the notes app already installed, and I use that all the time. Whats even easier is the ability to transcribe notes. As your doctor if its okay for you to record the conversation on your phone. Siri will then put all that into your notes! You can even look for a pregnancy app. I went to the app store and searched for "Pregnancy App" and there were a TON of great apps. One I downloaded during my pregnancy (but the iPod broke shortly after) was Baby Bump Pro. I like that one because you can keep track of all the growth changes, changes you are going through, it updates you on your baby's development, and there is a journal section too. I just wish there were apps out there for a twin pregnancy too!

Good luck and remember, this is such an amazing time in your life. Enjoy it!
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