Sweet Potato For My Little Sweet Potatoes!

Hello Mommas!!!!

I am so so excited for today's post! My boys are getting so big, so fast! They are not only crawling all over the house, but they are on to actual food! I started them out with oatmeal cereal, then moved on to sweet potatoes, and now mashed alvocado. It is very important to me that I give my boys homemade baby food. WAlthough the Store bought jars are much more convenient, the benefits of homemade far outweigh the inconvenience.... But that is another post for another day. Today I want to share how I made the boy's sweet potatoes. I have tried it a couple of different ways, but this was by far the simplest, and the quickest way to prepare it. Enjoy!!

What you will need:

  • 1 Sweet Potato 
  • Potato Peeler 
  • Potato Masher 
  • Cutting Knife 
  • 1 oz of breast milk (or formula) 
  • Baby Bowl  & Spoon
  • A Pot
  • Strainer
  • Bowl

What To Do: 

  •        Peel and wash the potato

  •          Cut the potatoes into small pieces

  •          Add the sweet potato pieces to a pot and fill with purified  water.

  •          Bring to a rapid boil. Simmer over medium low heat for 20 minutes.

  •          Check to make sure sweet potato is soft and can easily mash with fork.

  •          When ready drain sweet potatoes reserving a small amount of the water in a small bowel. 

  •          Return sweet potato pieces to the pot and add a small amount of reserved water to the pot.

  •          Use the potato masher  to mash all the sweet potato pieces. If dry and lumpy, add more reserved water. 

  •       Poor mashed sweet potatoes into your blender.

  •       Add 1 ounce of breastmilk

  •       Blend using purée setting until smooth. Add more breastmilk if needed.

        Pour into bowl for baby & stir with spoon. 

          Enjoy feeding to your baby!!! 

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