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There is a saying about twins "Double The Trouble, Twice The Fun" what they should also be saying is "Double The Trouble, Twice The Dirty Diapers!". All babies go through a lot of diapers. With twins, it really is doubled. I would say that my babies go through 50 Diapers every week (give or take) even more now that they are eating solid foods...

With all of those diapers, it is absolutely essential to find a diaper that works well and is cost effective. Diapers are not cheap, especially when you go through that many. After trying out just about every Diaper out there, we found our favorite... Parent's Choice Diapers. 

All Diapers were judged on the following:

  • Cost - With all of those diapers, it is absolutely essential to find a diaper that cost effective
  • Durability - It has to hold up. The last thing you want is a diaper that cannot control leakage
  • Blow Out Control - This goes along with durability, but pertains specifically to those oh so gross, blow out diapers...
  • Comfort - does it fit well & does it make your baby uncomfortable or leave them with diaper rash?
  • Does It Live Up To It's Claims? - All companies will write amazing, highly compelling descriptions for their products, but the question is, does their product actually live up to those claims?
So, how did the Parent's Choice Diapers Do? Let's look at these one by one....


You seriously cannot beat the cost. My boys are in size one diapers and for $5.97 you can get a package that contains 50 diapers! If you have twins, I suggest boosting that up to a box containing 112 diapers for $13.97.  Here is a breakdown of the competition: 

The Parents Choice Diapers are definitely the best value. These diapers are sold exclusively at Walmart. You can find them on Amazon, but it's not cost effective. If you do not have a walmart nearby you can always order online. Buy $50 worth of items and the shipping is free, so I would stock up and save on shipping!

Durability & Blow Out Control

It doesn't matter how inexpensive the diapers are if they cannot control your baby's pee or poop. I know this is not the most pleasant conversation but when you have babies, you just have to go there. The average baby will go through roughly 5 - 7 wet or poopy diapers per day. It is important that the diaper can hold up. I have tried diapers that will literally start to disintegrate when my baby peed too much. On the same token, I have tried diapers that cannot handle the blow outs at all. Of course with that kind of poo, it's expected that a little poo will end up in your baby's Pajamas. There is a difference between that and a diaper that opens up at the sides and lets the poo get all over the baby. That is just not fun, and throughly upsets me. 

So how did the Parents Choice Diapers hold up? Remarkably well! Of course there are the occasional slips, but overall, they hold up better than 90%of the other diapers we have tried. I have had quite a few blow outs in our babies days, and have had very little issues with the effectiveness or durability of these diapers. 


The fit is good. My boys are each a different size, but it fits them both equally well. As far as how they feel? It's hard to tell, my boys are not really able to tell me what they feel like. I can however observe the boys while hey are wearing them. I do not see them trying to get the diapers off or pulling at the sides. That tells me, they must not have any issues with the comfort. They also very rarely get diaper rash. That I think speaks to the comfort as well as the durability of the diapers. 

Does it live up to it's claims?

Well, let's take a look at what the company says about the diapers...

"The Parent's Choice Diapers are designed to have a flexible fit for better leakage protection. The ultra-absorbent core and soft, cloth-like cover provide comfort for your baby. These baby diapers are designed to offer complete comfort for the baby, by absorbing wetness to the core. Its design offers full leakage protection for the baby, thereby ensuring rash-free skin on the baby butt. The layer that touches the skin of the baby is made of soft fabric, so that your baby feels no strain or stress in wearing it. The Parent's Choice diapers offer relaxed and peaceful sleep for your baby, with its ultra absorbent core."

I would have to agree with every statement. I have never kept my baby in the same wet diaper for 12 hours, but give. How they hold up during the night, I think it's a pretty realistic to assume the Iapetus can hold up for 12 hours, however for your babies, I don't suggest any test that theory... 
All the other claims are correct. The fasteners are snug and early slip, even when the boys are rolling and crawling everywhere. My favorite feature is the wetness indicator. Although not as important at this stage, when they were newborns, I made it so much easier to keep track of how many wet diapers they had. Too bad there isn't a poopy indicator! 
So to sum up this review, the Parent's choice diapers are this Momma's Favorite!

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