♥ Friday Favorites ♥ ON A MONDAY!!


Happy Monday!!

Ok, so I know this post is called "Friday Favorites" but we are switching things up this week! Last Friday was just crazy busy. This whole weekend was crazy busy. My wonderful Husband embarked on a mission to get us more space in our small, cramped apartment. He did a great job, and with very little help from me. I spent the weekend blissfully spending time with our little monkeys. I did not have the time to write the Post, but I did find some awesome favorites that should get our week started right....

 And Now For Some Friday Favorites (on a MONDAY)

♥ Youtube ♥

ATTENTION BREASTFEEDING MOMS!!!! Or any pregnant woman who plan to breastfeed.... You need to watch these videos asap! I had such a hard time getting the hang out of simultaneously breastfeeding my boys. I eventually figured it out, but not without a lot of trial & error (also known as trial & irritated babies) I wish I would have found this video sooner. I tried the pillow on the lap trick this weekend.... Genius! This video is specific to twins, but the tips are easily adapted to a single baby. I hope this short video helps you. Be sure to check out the rest of the series!

♥ Twitter ♥

As Usual, Check out a running list of all my favorite tweets IN REAL TIME ♥ Love It!

♥ Pinterest ♥

This is by far, one of my favorite articles! I am that crazy mom who is constantly taking photographs of my babies. I have only had my iPad for about a month and I already have almost 500 pictures! I now have a goal to get every one of these pictures of my boys!! I challenge all parents to do the same! ♥


I hope you all have an amazing week with your little ones! I know I will... 

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