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So this week's Motherhood tip came to me from my own "Mommy Oops" this week...

My husband had a dentist appointment last Wednesday. Of course, the only time I could get the appointment was for 1:00, which just so happens is the same time the boys typically get up everyday. So what this means for us is that I have to leave work early and come home to get the boys up earlier than usual and get us all out the door. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong! When you have two babies who would rather be sleeping, nothing is as easy as it seems.
So, knowing that I have two cranky babies, the last thing I want to do is sit in the lobby at my husband's dentist with two screaming boys. We have already tried that at his doctor's office and it's not fun.

So, I decide that it will be best to have the three of us stay in the car. It's a cool, rainy Pacific Northwest day, so I knew I had to worry more about the cold than heat, so I bundled my boys in this absolutely adorable matching one piece sweaters. I even thought ahead and made sure to pack some toys and mashed a banana for them to share.

Once we got there, I rolled the windows down enough to get a nice breeze going through and I moved to the backseat to be in between both my little munchkins. Everything was going great at first. I fed them their little snack and we were playing with toys and singing songs. They were a little antsy, but we were nowhere near meltdown land. Bruce wanted to get out and move around, while Oliver wanted to nap. I let Oliver pass out in his car seat, while I took Bruce out and let him play in my lap. Not long after that the weather decided to change. It went from cold and breezy to warm and sunny. We have all heard of the stories about little babies who are left in the car too long. I went into full on Mommy mode. The first thing I did was pull all of their clothes off them, the last thing they needed was a big hoody sweater on. Then I rolled the windows down more to get a cross breeze. This helped quite a bit, but there were still points were there was no breeze at all. I covered the seats up on the sides with their receiving blankets to block the sun and provide a little shade. I then took a book and used that to fan each baby if there was no breeze coming through. This all worked to prevent them from becoming too overheated. If it had not worked I would have packed them up and brought them inside. Luckily it was less than 20 minutes and my husband was done. The boys were perfectly fine and I had been able to keep them cool. I think out of the three of us, I was the most stressed.

After this whole ordeal, I was thinking about what I could have done to made things much simpler and much less stressful. Then I saw this little portable fan we have, and it hit me! From now on I am going to be sure to pack a little fan in their diaper bag. The one we have takes regular AA batteries and even has a spot for water if you need to spray your face to cool you down even more. I really wish I had thought of it sooner. Rather than frantically moving to keep the boys from overheating and stressing out, I could have pulled out my fan and made a little game or song out of it while I move the fan from one baby to the other. This is the fan we have.
                                           You can buy it on Amazon for $9

As moms, we try and be prepared for everything. The weather is just something we can't predict. We always grab a sweater for our babies in case it turns cold, and from now on I'm prepared in case it turns from cold and rainy to hot and sunny...

So this is what I plan to do, but what do you do to keep your babies cool on a hot day?
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