12 Super Foods For My Super Babies!

So for those of you that have been following, my babies are too skinny. We got the approval from their doctor to become more liberal with their diets. Over the last few weeks we have trying out not just different foods, but different combinations of foods and ways to prepare them. Look for future posts where I go over specific recipes, but for today, enjoy this list of my top 12 SUPER FOODS for our Super Babies... 

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Yams & Sweet Potatoes - Yams and sweet potatoes go hand in hand. My Boys love them both. Yams and sweet potatoes are both high in Vitamin A, Potassium, and beta carotene. They also are good source of Vit E, Calcium, and Folate. If you are looking for a sweeter taste, grab the red skinned Yam. Looking for a fluffy texture and taste closer to a potato? Go for the gold skinned sweet potato! Both are sure to make your babies go YUM!


Apples - We all grew up with the saying "An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor A Way" - This is just as true for baby as it is for us! Apples are great for fiber and regulating your babies bowel movements... not to mention just plain tasty!


Blueberry - OMG! These are seriously my boys #1 Favorite food! The first time we gave them blueberries they were freaking out so bad when it was gone I had to run to the kitchen and whip up a batch of seconds! I love blueberries because they are a high source of antioxidents as well as being a good source of fiber, vitamins A & C. Beware though, their poop will be black!


Broccoli - We can't just get our boys hooked on the sweet stuff.  Broccoli is amazing! It is high in vitamin C and soluble fiber which can help with constipation.  It can cause gas, but our boys love it and have not had any issues with gas. Just be sure not to serve too much or your baby can end up with diarrhea. 


Black Beans - So these little guys are great. Protein is very important for your baby have enough protein and iron. Black beans are high in both! They have very little taste so they boys don't really like it when I try to feed it to them plain but is great as a filler and can help to tone down overly sweet foods! 


Bananas - Banana's are one of my absolute favorite foods, and my boys follow in Mommy's footsteps... I would say that bananas are one of my favorite things to feed them for both the nutritional attributes and for convenience. Bananas are awesome because they contain good amounts potassium and fiber. Bananas are also high in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Vitamin B2. NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL A SUPERFOOD! I love it because it is super easy to feed them on the go or if I don't have the time to prepare a larger meal. It also mixes really well with other foods. 


Baby Oatmeal - This is a staple in my house and something that should be in your pantry. It is great as a starter food. I chose oatmeal because it is less constipating than rice and tastes a little better. I use it as a filler to thicken other foods and when I need to prepare something quickly, not to mention because they love it! I really like the Gerber brand.



Butter - This may not be something that you always want to feed your babies. For us, it is important because our boys are underweight.  I chose Kerrygold because it is a great source of natural fat and adds calories. CHOOSE UNSALTED. I love Kerrygold because it is natural and the milk comes from grassfed cows. It tastes great too! 


Yogurt -This was recommended by their doctor because it is easily digested and has a good source of protein, and again, added calories. I went with plain yogurt to avoid any added sugars. It was actually hard to find plain yogurt that was not low-fat! Dannon is the brand we chose. I like to use this as a filler. Plain full fat yogurt but that does not taste that great alone but is good to blend in with other foods to add protein, calories, and to thicken it up. 


Egg Yolk - This is good as small snack but beware, its messy! Egg yolks are great source of the good fats and protien. You should not give your baby the whites because of possible allergies. I hard boil the egg and remove the yolk. Its fine to remove the whites because most the good stuff is in the yolk anyways! The yellow center contains all of an egg’s vitamin A, D, and E as well as 
nearly all the vitamin B12, folic acid and vitamin B3; beware of feeding egg whites. egg whites are one of the top 8 allergens. no whites until 1 year. 


Bread - We just gave them bread the other day. They love the taste. We simply pulled out the insides of a loaf of french bread, broke it up and let them go at it. They love it so much. Its a great thing to give babies as one of their first finger foods. They can hold it in their hands, and let it get a little mushy. Soft bread is good because they can easily let it dissolve in their mouths and swallow it without it needing to be chewed. Not a meal, but great as a snack. 

I hope this list gives you some good ideas on some yummy and foods your babies will love! I absolutely love making my boys their homemade baby food, but if that is not possible for you, many of these are quick and easy to prepare on the go or as a snack to supplement your normal feeding routine. I am always looking for new things to prepare my boys so if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear your comments! 

** Disclaimer: Contact your child's health care provider before starting you baby on any of these foods to make sure it is the right thing for your baby.                                     

*Sweet Potato Image Courtesy Of Huffington Post          
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