Special Announcement!

Hello Mommas!!! I have a very special announcement...

I want to start out by thanking each and everyone who entered my first giveaway. It was kind of a mess because I not only didn't have any experience running a giveaway, but I also did not have the time to even post details about what I was giving away! I had this whole plan where I would post each week one item that was in the box and why it is a Momma's Favorite. That however, never happened. I have thought long and hard on how to improve giveaways.

For the first Momma's Favorites Giveaway, I have a winner and her box has been shipped out. I want to thank each and every person that entered the giveaway. I also want to say Congratulations to the winner, Christina W! Here you will find a picture of every item she received in her box. 

Starting next week, I will be catching up and posting the reviews of each item. Begining on March 1st, I will be starting another giveaway, Momma's Favorites 2.0. I will be giving away the same items shown here, plus a few more surprise gifts! All giveaways after this one will follow a different theme. For now I will be running a Momma's Favorites Giveaway once per quarter, and they will run for 3 months. Throughout the contest period there will be a new way to enter every week to keep things fresh and to encourage conversation. I may also run smaller Flash Giveaways that will run from anywhere between one day to one month and giveaway smaller items. I suggest following on all my social media networks to make sure you never miss a giveaway or entry possibility! 

Now, I have not only been re-evaluating giveaway system, but my blogging schedule as well. I feel like I have been over extending myself. I have planned to write consistently 4 times per week. Although I love the concept, the execution has been difficult. I have a full time job, twins, a husband, and in a month I start school again. It is just too much for one mom to do, so I have barely been able to meet the deadlines the I myself set. I have a lot of different series that I want to write about but the more I focus on quantity  the more the quality will suffer. So, from now on I will be keeping Monday journals, Wednesday are Wild , and Friday Favorites. Every other Tuesday I will post a Tip Tuesday, rotating between a pregnancy tip and a motherhood tip. I will also post Weight Loss Wednesday once per month. For Wedndays Are Wild I will post all my other series, from recipes to reviews. By reducing the amount of posts I am writing it will help me to still be consistently present and committed to all of you, while still devoting my home time to my family. 

I thank each and every one of my followers for all of your continued support!! 

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If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times... I LOVE MY LIFE. I have a great husband and the best little baby dudes in the world! I have found that raising twins is not so different than a singleton, just a little bit louder (and a lot more fun!). I look forward to going through this journey together... SUPER MOMS UNITE!


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