"Scrunchy Face"

Hello Mommas!! 

I hope you all had a great weekend with your babies.

My weekend was amazing. We did not do anything special, which was exactly what I needed. I had a very long and somewhat disappointing work week, so being able sit back and relax with my family was exactly what I needed.

I think that is what the twins needed too. The previous week had been so full of excitement, they needed a calm weekend. Last week Oliver started to crawl, and now there is just no stopping that boy! We have to keep an eye on him at all times because the second he thinks one of us is distracted he is on the move! Not only has he mastered crawling on flat surfaces, but now he is working on crawling OVER things too. We will put the boys down on the floor to play, and the barricade them in with a mountain of pillows. Well, little Oliver has made it his mission to get over the mountain and explore the other side.  The thing about twins is that now that Bruce is also crawling, they rarely crawl in the same direction. It's not too bad yet, but I can see our future and it looks hectic. For me, it is a little easier because my Husband is home with me, but it will be hard for him. He is a stay at home dad and as they get older it will become harder to do it alone. He is amazing. I hate being stuck here at work, missing out on time with my kids, but it helps knowing that Daddy is the one there with them. It makes leaving in the mornings just a little easier. It also helps that we can now video chat. As I write this I am sitting in the room I pump in, and we did a FaceTime video chat. I had to mute my end, but was able to watch my boys napping in their swings. They looked so beautiful and peaceful. I only have a short time left in my workday and I am rushing right home to those little faces.

As hard as it is to leave those boys, I have to admit, I love to see how happy they are when I come home. Usually they are just waking up from their nap in their swings. As soon as they see me walk in the door their whole faces light up. They make what we affectionately call "scrunchy face". A scrunchy face is where they will scrunch up their eyes and nose, and their smile takes up their entire face.
We LIVE for scrunchy face. To receive a scrunchy face is like receiving an "I Love You" from your baby. 
In those small moments you can see the love your baby has for you, and it's a very raw and natural way your baby has to show that love and that need your baby has for you. It's like they are saying "I'm happy your home, I have missed you". Now if only I knew how to rely the love and need I have for my babies to them in the same simple ways....

I hope you all have an amazing week. 

Check back next Monday for another journal. I had a lot of fun recording the audio versions of my journals, so I think we will do another audio journal next week!

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