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Happy Friday Mommas!  

I have had a truely blessed week. I am so amazed by my boys every single day. I have noticed so much of their personalities starting to shine through. Bruce is so funny to watch. He is quite and likes to be left alone to play with his toys or watch cartoons, but once you have his attention, he is captivated. He loves to give "Scrunchy Face" to show his happiness...
Oliver on the other hand, he loves having attention. He is sweet and loving. He will stroke his brothers face and hold his hand. He likes to show his affection and loves to be snuggled. He will also roll over his brother and steal his toys... He has mastered crawling and is working on climbing up. He is constantly watching us and is getting mad when he can't have grown up food. I am so excited to be heading home to those boys and enjoying my weekend with my babies!

 And Now For Some Friday Favorites!

♥ Youtube ♥

I have started a new blog series on journey to shed the baby weight. I have started a 30 day slimdown, and this is the video that turned me onto MomsIntoFitness... If you are post-partum, this is such a great starting place, but make sure you have your Doctor's approval first!

♥ Twitter ♥

As Usual, Check out a running list of all my favorite tweets IN REAL TIME ♥ Love It!

♥ Pinterest ♥

This is just TOO Funny! I crack up every time I see this pin! I seriously cannot help but see my boys faces...

Have a wonderful weekend & A Happy Valentines Day !!!

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