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 Hello Mommas! I'M BACK!!!


It is amazing how fast time can go by. I have been so incredibly busy watching my boys grow. I cant believe it has been 8 weeks since my last post. I know it seems like I may have forgotten about my blog, and about my readers, but that is truly not the case. I have been working on some very exciting things (check out the coming soon tab for more details) and redesigning portions of the website. I have also been focusing on being present for my boys. As much as I want to find the time to blog about my life with my kids, being with my boys is of course my number 1 priority. I do most of my blogging during my down times at work (I am lucky to be given very generous break times to pump my breast milk) that way when I get home it is simply family time. However, that has been more easily said than done. My laptop died a very sad death, and it has been way too busy to find the time to post updates while working. With that being said, Thanks to the good people at Apple... my technological issues are resolved! I am just bought my very first Ipad mini (thank you tax return!). Being more mobile means I can utilize my time way more effectively, and post consistently. I have also been thinking about exactly what I want to post. As much as I love Twitter Tuesdays, and Friday Favorites, I feel like that is a little redundant, and my readers would enjoy more personalized content. SO... starting with today's post I will be merging Twitter Tuesday & Friday Favorites. Enjoy Today's Friday Favorites & Check back on Monday for a journal update on all the wonderful memories I have shared with my baby boys over the break!

 And Now For Some New & Improved Friday Favorites Fun!

♥ Youtube ♥

I actually had a different video for my Youtube Favorite, then a co-worker just sent me this link. POOR BABY... enough said...

♥ Twitter ♥

As Usual, Check out my favorite tweets, but now in a easier to use running list!!! Check out all my favorites in real time... LOVE IT!

♥ Pinterest ♥

I am absolutely in love with this picture! When I first saw this on pinterest it made me cry. There is something so magical about the bond between twins. When I see my boys cuddle like this, it is it completely warms my heart. I wish I had been able to put my boys together when they were in the NICU.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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