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Hello Mommas! 

This week I want to share with you a handy tip I have found that has seriously simplified my life! As a working mom, I have had to figure out how to manage not just my time, but all my "stuff" as well. I used to be able to run out the door with just a jacket and a small purse.Those days are gone forever. Now I need my jacket, AND my purse, AND my breast pump, AND my attachments, AND a lunch, AND.... Well, you get the idea. Just getting all my stuff out the door was taking me two trips! I really do not have time for that. I have to get myself ready for the day, plus feed and change two babies, all before 6 am. Any extra steps to my morning routine would complicate and stress my morning. 

This is just some of what I bring each day

Then The Solution Came To Me.... 

For Christmas my mother-in-law gave me this really awesome bag. The thing is huge! Technically  it's a cooler bag for picnics & the beach, but I use it to hold all the smaller items I need. Now I can fit everything in one bag and just grab a coat, my pump, and my big bag and go!! It may seem like such a small thing, but it helps me so much. When you have to get yourself AnD two small babies ready, every extra second getting out the door is a blessing. I know they sell bags like this at all over. Not looking to spend the extra cash? You can also try using an over sized reusable shopping bag! I purchased mine for a buck at my supermarket. It's big, durable, and cheap. Either one will get the job done!! 

Everything consolidated into one bag!!

Hope this tip will help any of you Mommas get out the door faster! Check back next week for a great tip for all the pregnant Mommas!! 

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