Makin' Boob Milk Tea (Two Ways)

I am very determined to exclusively breast feed. Being able to produce enough milk for one baby is hard, producing enough for TWO babies is stressful. When I was pregnant I heard all kinds of horror stories about women not being able to produce enough milk and having to use formula, and those were singletons! When the boys were in the NICU the nurses basically told me that my body would not be able to make enough and I would have to supplement with formula. My boys are 100% breastfed. They have bottles when I am at work, but it is breast milk that I pump for them. In fact, I usually have excess milk each day that either gets dumped or
frozen. I am looking into how to donate that extra liquid gold. I cannot say with 100% certinty that the lactation tea is the reason I am able to produce enough milk, but I know I drink it every day and have excess milk....

Before trying this tea out, I read a ton of reviews online. One complaint people had was the smell and the taste. People say it smells and tastes like black licorice and is too strong. Personally, I like the smell and the taste as is, but I have found a way to doctor it up that makes it a little easier to drink cup after cup (it is suggested to drink 3-5 cups per day). I do this every single day. The way I drink the tea is with a caffeinated chai tea, however I also combine it with a decaf chai as well. I posted pictures of the brands I use, but you can use any lactation or chai brand you like... Save, Print, or Pin these recipes!

                                             Enjoy & Make Lots Of Boob Milk!



***The following photos were photos courtesy of: (mothers milk tea) (tazo teas), (milk carton) and (coffee mug)
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