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This is the first in a new blog series. When posting a full review of a product I want to be able to give it a real honest try. You cannot give a true review after only using a product once or twice. I can however give my first impressions. Whenever I try a new product I will post my initial thoughts. Then we can go back later witha a review and see if opinions have changed or stayed the same. 

So on to the first First Impressions...
Kroger's Comforts For Baby Diapers. I wanted to try these because I am on the hunt for good qualitly inexpensive diapers. These only cost me $6.77 for 44 diapers.  

First Impression? Terrible! I was wish I never bought these diapers. I am all for low cost diapers (I have twins, I have to be) but these will end up costing you money and aggrivation. When I first pulled them out to change the boys I knew we would have some issues. They seem thin which worries me when it comes to leakage protection. They also seem a little on the small side. I put them on the boys anyways. They did not seem to have a problem with them, but they are 3 months old. As long as they are dry they are happy. First couple changing went ok, that is until just now.... Poor little Bruce. He just woke up in a screaming fit, completly wet. Turns out the right side of the diaper opened up and he peed all over himself. Now I have a mad baby (who is finally back asleep but it took a while), more laundry (like we dont have enough), I have to go out and buy new diapers and of course hear "I told you so" by my Husband (who is not a big Kroger fan). I am going to keep these and can use them in a jam, but I cannot put my babies through using these long term for a review. I will write a follow up review after the pack is gone but after this experience that will take a while. Just glad I only bought a small pack! 
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