My Babies Birth Story

What a perfect day. As I write this I have one baby peacefully napping in his swing, another baby happily nursing, a cup of warm chai tea and Bewitched on the TV. The only thing missing is my Husband who is getting a much needed nap. These babies like to stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning. But I guess that is pretty normal with all babies.

I cannot believe how fast the time goes. It rather scares me. They are already 2 months old! I have been trying to write this post since they were born, it has just been hard to find the time. In order to really explain what happened during their birth, this post would end up a novella, and who has time for that? So I am going to break it into three parts. Part One will explain everything leading up to my induction, Part Two will tell their birth story, and Part Three will be about their time in the NICU and coming home....

It is amazing how quickly things can change when you are pregnant. When last I posted, things were going great. I was getting checkups every two weeks and the boys and I were all happy and healthy. As it got closer, we moved to weekly and then twice weekly appointments. The plan was still to induce me at 37 weeks. During this time I began really thinking about the type of birth I wanted to have. I came across a series of podcasts that are very supportive all birth choices and has a lot of great information for those choosing an unmedicated birth. The focus was to empower women, and for me it was working. I felt very empowered and determined to have an unmedicated birth. I was working out with my doctor (who I love) just how that would work. Two weeks before I was planning to be induced, my OB was in a delivery, so I had to see another Doctor in her office. I have to say, I really did not like her very much, and now I am sorry I felt that way. She was very concerned with my extreme weight gain. I had gained over 100 pounds (almost all swelling). I was checked every week for signs of preeclampsia, and every week it looked fine. I had tested negative for gestational diabetes as well. I just could not stop retaining water and although it was very extreme and uncommon, it was just because I was having twins. It still did not sit right with her, so she ordered a test, a gross and embarrassing test. I had to save all of my pee for 24 hours and then bring it in to them. It was so embarrassing. I had this appointment on Thursday, during my 34th week. The next day was my last day of work before my maternity leave started. On Sunday I saved my pee, and Monday I turned it in... that when everything went haywire.

My OB called. My test results were in and did not look good. There was a good amount of protein in my urine and they wanted to see me that day to do my non-stress test and to run some extra labs. When I went in, my blood pressure was elevated.

She called and said given the new developments it was not good to wait until 37 weeks anymore and we should induce me on Monday, when I was 36 weeks. She had spoken with my high risk specialist and they agreed.

My OB called again. She needed to talk to me about my delivery. The more she thought about it, the less comfortable she felt about having me deliver at their hospital. It is a small community hospital and if anything were to happen to the babies they would need to be transferred out to the bigger hospital in the city. She just felt it would be best to have me go there instead and have my specialists take over primary care and they would keep her informed as to what was happening. She made me an appointment with them that afternoon to do my non-stress test and to discuss inducing me on Monday. When I sat down with the Doctor (who I also really liked) I received even more shocking and scary news. Given my test results and my increasingly higher blood pressure (was slowly going up) he did not think we could wait until Monday at all. Induction take a while, and with preeclampsia it can go from mild like I have to severe quickly. The longer we wait the worse it could get, so he wanted me to be admitted TONIGHT! I wad freaking out. We were not ready. I was supposed to have more time! It was 3:00, I only had a few hours to get ready and get to the hospital. The day I had been planning for was finally here and I was completely freaking out! My husband stayed home, packed our hospital bags and got the house together while my neighbor and I went and got last minute things from the store. He made arrangements for a family member to drive us to the hospital. At 6:00 we left. As we pulled up to the hospital I had never been more terrified or excited in my life. I would be seeing my babies tomorrow (or so I thought)...

Check Back Next Week For Part Two... "The Induction"

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